VIVE Mood LLC Return Policy

1- If an Associate elects to return products, all of the following
conditions apply:

  • Returns must be returned within 60 days of purchase with shipping cost paid by the Associate or customer. Returns must be accompanied by Return Authorization Form (including receipt showing proof of purchase). Returns must be in the original case quantity, new condition, in season and not expired or discontinued.
  • The repurchase shall be the original net cost to the participant returning such goods, taking into account any sales made by or through such participant prior to notification to the Company, minus a 15% restocking fee. Buyback is 12 months in Massachusetts, Maryland, Montana, Georgia, Louisiana, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Utah, Washington and Puerto Rico. In addition, the Company will honor statutory mandated buyback requirements of every jurisdiction. A Montana resident may cancel his or her Agreement within 15 days from the date of enrollment, and may return his or her starter kit for a full refund within such time period.

2- The Company shall be entitled to repayment of any commission previously paid on a sale of a product or service if the product or service purchase is cancelled or reversed or a refund paid for a terminated purchase. The Company shall recover the commission by
adjustment on the next month’s Associate commission payment. In the event that no commission is available for adjustment in the following month, the Associate who has received the commission shall repay the commission paid on the “reversed sale” within 30 days of the Company’s notice to repay.

3- The Company shall be entitled to change product or service prices and BV at any time, without notice, and to make changes in the statement of policy and procedures.

4- Each Associate shall comply with all state and local taxes and regulations governing the sale of Company products or services.

5- Notwithstanding the Company’s retail customer guarantee policy, all retail sales must comply with the FTC Three-Day Cooling Off Rule which requires statutory language and notice of cancellation on the retail sales receipt. The three-day right of cancellation must be orally explained to the customer and the customer must receive two (2) copies of the notice of cancellation form.

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