What to Know When Purchasing CBD

  1. COA. First things first, the most important thing to look for in any CBD product is a COA, or Certificate of Analysis. This provides visibility into the manufacturing and development process of the CBD product. In order for a product to attain a COA, it has to undergo third-party testing. A third-party tests the product to make sure that the product actually contains what it claims to. Therefore, if a product has a COA and has been verified by a third-party, then the product is the real deal. It contains what it says it does. Oftentimes, many CBD products that are sold through gas stations, pharmacies, or grocery stores don’t have a COA. This means that you might be paying for a CBD product that doesn’t actually contain the ingredients you desire.
  2. It’s important to do your research to find out what kind of CBD is best for you. Become familiar with such terms as isolate (no THC and provides a sense of security of drug testing is a concern), full spectrum (contains CBD and minute traces of THC), and broad spectrum (contains multiple cannabis components without THC). Check with your doctor to know if the product is safe to add to your regimen. Many prefer an isolate to avoid the concern of drug testing.
  3. Check the label. After you’ve done your research and know what kind of product you need, check the label very carefully. Look for the following:
  • Is this product an isolate?
  • Is the batch number easily available?
  • Production or expiration date. Does it provide an expiration or production date?
  • Instructions for use. For instance, is this a sublingual CBD tincture that should be taken under the tongue? Or is it a roller ball that you roll onto a particular area of focus?
  • Appropriate warnings. It is always recommended to check with a physician before introducing a new product to a daily regimen.
  • Check for FDA warning letters and proper marketing practices. There have been some CBD products that have been found to contain little or no CBD qualities when tested or make medical claims that are prohibited. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) provides the public a list of these warning letters. To view, click this link for CBD Warning Letters.

If you’re looking for a CBD product to purchase that provides a COA, provides the research to fit your needs, and meets the label requirements, we’ve got a fantastic product line through VIVE Mood that you can trust. Our partners, VIVE Mood, use a unique extraction process that specializes in extracting CBD isolate with no THC. It’s a highly efficient, super critical CO2 process used when manufacturing our flagship products. This is a hybrid extraction method that is precise and more effective at isolating the CBD molecule from the other cannabinoids. Additionally, VIVE Mood offers a variety of products for many needs including a CBD roller, CBD cinnamon tincture (it has a delicious flavor), CBD joint and muscle cream, and a CBD pet tincture.

Additionally, every product in our VIVE Mood line is backed by a COA to verify that the products are the real deal; they’re no fake! In fact, you can find a batch number on each VIVE Mood bottle that will pull up the COA for the product to prove its authenticity.

Another thing that makes VIVE Mood unique is that Bonvera has a Business Ethics team that is dedicated towards enforcing and promoting proper marketing practices to ensure our mutual and long-term success.

These are the critical things to know and be aware of when you’re going to purchase any CBD product. It’s important to be a powerful consumer equipped with the knowledge and awareness surrounding these products. With this information, our team hopes to help you be a knowledgeable consumer and inform others of the teaching you’ve learned to empower you to make the best purchasing decisions for you and your household. If you’re interested in purchasing CBD through VIVE Mood, talk to your Bonvera entrepreneur today or get connected to one today by emailing support@bonvera.com or calling (316) 260 – 2225.

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