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Bonvera is proud to announce the launch of a new partner store, VIVE Mood, that sells CBD oil.

In partnership with VIVE Mood, there is now a CBD tincture and CBD roller product available. But, what is CBD and how does it work? Medical Director, Dr. Jeff Davis, weighs in on the science behind CBD oil.

Derived from a presentation at a Bonvera National Training Event: 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s extracted from flowers, seeds, and buds of the cannabis plants. Discovered in the1940s, it is one of 113 compounds. Several of the compounds in this plant are polyphenolic, which means a lot of things are coming together to make something synergistic. When I talk about CBD, I explain we’re using the rope, not the dope. The rope is the hemp plant, which is a fantastic plant. Farmers in Kansas are growing it because it’s a great cash crop. The dope part contains THC. When it’s derived from the hemp plant, it doesn’t have the psychoactive component of marijuana, which is THC. CBD has been known to have beneficial properties and vitamins, including the fat soluble vitamins A, C, and D.

What is the difference? Hemp vs. marijuana? 

Cannabis sativa is the family that these plants exist in, and they divide into the two plants. In my professional opinion, I don’t believe there are very many physically supportive uses outside of discomfort for marijuana. There is some value there, but I think most of the benefits people attribute to marijuana are derived from the CBD. With CBD isolate products, it’s nice that we can get just the CBD component. It’s a really important thing to educate people that this isn’t a dope product.

Let’s talk a little bit more about what’s inside CBD. 

One of the things inside CBD oil is terpenes. Those are the essential oils, part of that polyphenolic component. You can find these in a lot of different products, especially in essential oil products that are already out there and have become really popular. They give the products the smell and aroma. These essential oils and terpenes really enhance the effects of CBD.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

Our brain has an endocannabinoid system. Our brains have a similar system as these plants, which is one of the reasons I love using plant-based products. I love natural methods because it just works well with the way the body is designed. The endocannabinoid system receives and translates signals from these exogenous cannabinoids. It helps support sleep, immune function, and overall wellness.

However, these are postulates. These are small studies with scientists that are fairly certain to be true, but we really need larger trials in order to verify the results. This is becoming easier as more states are relaxing some of their regulations. It’s postulated that these exogenous CBDs are interacting with our own endocannabinoid system and having powerful effects. This gets into our CB1 and CB2 receptors. We’re primarily hitting those CB2 receptors. CB1 are mainly found in the brain and nervous system which react mainly to the THC component of the Cannabis sativa plant.

Regulatory Climate

While the DEA once oversaw CBD, CBD now falls under the FDA’s jurisdiction. It has to be manufactured by the hemp plant. Hemp was originally outlawed because of the Rockefeller family. They didn’t own hemp plants, but they did own trees. At the time, people were making paper out of hemp plants, not trees. So, Rockefellar lined the pockets of politicians to make it outlawed and illegal to grow. So, it’s taken many years to try to bring awareness to this misguided attempt of outlawing hemp.

Now, let’s talk about the VIVE Mood products. 

I’ve tried many other tinctures out there, and they have a dandelion taste that’s very bitter and pungent. Not this tincture. It tastes amazing. It has a cinnamon taste, not a skunky taste. The roller ball’s optimal use is for muscle and joint function support. Additionally, these are verified to be THC free.

Let’s talk about the essential oils in these products. 

For many of the CBD products, whether it’s full spectrum or isolate, it needs a carrier oil. What I don’t like about a lot of the other essential oils is that you have no idea where these oils are coming from. These are natural and non-GMO high quality essential oils that you can consume. It’s not grape seed or canola oil. They are complementary, and VIVE Mood did a great job of blending them not only for taste but also for the beneficial uses of CBD. The main essential oil in these products is avocado oil. I really like it, and I use it often when I cook. It has a much higher smoke point, so it won’t break down as easily.

Here’s a personal case study. 

This person was a 46 year old male. He lives out in the country, and spent quite a bit of time outdoors. He started developing some alarming challenges from living a rough and physically demanding life. Fortunately for this guy, things took a positive turn. I said let’s try CBD. We tried it and while results vary, his response to the product was profound. I’m a big believer in CBD.

Here’s another case study of mine.

This is another connection of mine, and this is a son doing this for his mother. She is 94 years old and seeking a product that will aid in wellness. When she came to me, she was in a dark place, without hope, worn out, and in need of a boost in life. She was living a really low quality of life. Her mental state worsened, she wasn’t very active and stayed in her room most of the day. Her son came to me and shared that he heard CBD contains beneficial properties. He said let’s try it, and I said okay. We put her on CBD oil, and two months later she expressed improved mental clarity. I saw her son recently and asked how she was doing. She’s still taking CBD, and he said she’s more active and interacting with others. It’s really pretty remarkable.

Research and studies are still being conducted on CBD and its various products.

Bonvera is proud to team up with partner store, VIVE Mood, to make CBD products available to the Bonvera community. To learn more about VIVE Mood and these products, visit

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. New findings suggest that CBD is beneficial to a variety of wellness issues.

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