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How To Share The Benefits of CBD


Build a business with a solid foundation. Use the below examples to ensure your testimonial honors regulatory guidelines and promotes long-term success!


  • After a long day of working outdoors and stressing out the body, CBD supports optimal joint I am loving thisstuff and feeling great!


  • I live in such a dry The heat is rough on my skin. Since I’ve added CBD to my regimen, I notice the productmaintains healthy skin.


  • Around 3pm, I always hit that post lunch crash! While CBD affects every “body” differently, it gives me the energy toconquer the rest of my work day!


  • Taking the kids to practice, making dinner, finishing up work to meet deadlines, etc… There is so much to rememberin order to stay afloat each I’ve found CBD helps me maintain a calm state and supports mental clarity.


  • I’ve been going through a stressful period in my When it comes to winding down in the evening, my mind is stillracing. Adding CBD before bedtime has provided relief of occasional sleeplessness.


  • Adding a beneficial product, like CBD, to my daily routine maintains healthy blood sugar


  • As I age, heart health has become a point of concern for I’ve discovered that CBD helps to maintain healthycardiovascular health.


* I’ve had some stomach challenges. CBD oil aids with healthy digestion. I’m loving this product!


Remember to Avoid…


CBD is not medication. Therefore, we must avoid statements that contain specific diseases, disease symptoms, ailments, or insinuate medical relief.


For example, the below statements are prohibited:


  • Since I found CBD I’ve been able to discontinue my cancer meds!


  • My lab results have improved after taking CBD for 2 weeks!


  • CBD oil has cleared up my skin issues! Let me show you my before and


  • I’ve been diagnosed with chronic Thank goodness for CBD. It has cured my anxiety attacks.


  • My cholesterol levels were out of CBD has lowered my levels and I’m off my meds!


  • My pain is no longer a concern since taking


Avoid These Words, And Try These


Obesity                                                           Helps maintain long-term healthy weight


Chronic Fatigue                                               Supports healthy energy levels


Insomnia                                                         Supports occasional sleeplessness


Cholesterol                                                     Maintains healthy cholesterol levels


Psoriasis/Eczema                                              Maintains healthy skin


Depression                                                      Promotes a stable mood


Other words to AVOID – Inflammation, cured, healed, treated, headache, pain, and soreness.