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It’s a sacred mantra, a symbol of peace and the sound of the universe––and when you meet my mother you will not be surprised that it is my middle name. When you meet me, you might be surprised this is my middle name.

I’m the child of hippies––real ones, not the occasional Woodstock-ers. Born in an ashram (cue the drum circle), I was raised to love people, respect the earth and honor the connectedness of all living things.


My mother followed phases of the moon, a plant-based lifestyle and the sage advice of herbalists, naturopaths and crystalists before traditional medicine. I remember my mother using homeopathic Bach remedies, hiding crystals under my mattress and teaching me to read labels––I understood organic before kindergarten.

I was filled with doubt as I started my first business, but it turned out my father had taught me well. Part hippie, part corporate scientist, my father nurtured my business side.  He encouraged me to negotiate, revel in my independence, embrace fear.   He pushed me to see “no” as an opportunity to create change. He encouraged self-expression and advocacy, two traits not widely appreciated at an all-girls catholic school.  All that time in detention taught me the art of stillness and self-reflection.


By living her truth, my mother ignited in me a lifelong passion for plants. Over the years, with her (often unsolicited) guidance, I created a holistic home of my own.  She blended without borders, using whatever helps and heals. Western herbalism, Chinese medicine, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, just to name a few.  Her approach became Ami’s approach.

Nothing prepared me for this moment and everything prepared me for this moment.  There have been many moments, paths less traveled, left turns, failures and victories that have brought me here.  One of the meanings of Ami is loved friend, which makes perfect sense because there are so many loved friends that continue to contribute to this company and to our mission. Women’s Wellness is our rally cry.  Our tribe is discovering better health, more balance and limitless joy through our clean products and growing business.

by Triniti Gawthrop, found of Ami Wellness
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